Journalism In Democracy

Journalism is not a profession but it is a cause, which educates the people of what is going on around them, around the world. In modern times, journalism is considered as the fourth pillar of a democratic society. Since time immemorial journalism as been used as a tool which has been used to spark revolution which is beneficial for the overall society. The true feature of journalism is that it must work as a watchdog and inform and educate people on important issue which affects the lives of people at large.

But in recent scenario, we have seen that political alliances have decreased the credibility of ethical journalism. Most of the media houses these days either are affiliated to some political party or a government and due to this, it in someway, becomes a mouthpiece of the affiliated party. True journalism must not be biased and it should give a neutral stance. Journalism in democracy must be powerful enough to throw light on issues which are related to critical events. In a democratic setup journalism acts as a motive force in order to bring a positive change. If journalism is independent in democracy it does more than keeping citizens informed, but it also enables the citizens to voice their opinion in chambers of power and allow the government to monitor and moderate the sources of power than shape our lives.


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