Social Media In Our Lives

Social Media, we are familiar with this term amongst all around the world. Social media is the online platform in which we communicate and share various things on an online format. Since the advent of app based communication models people around the world are being able to share and communicate instantly. People no longer need to wait in order to be updated about what is happening around them. The social media platform has actually compressed to world into a global village, if you wish to communicate with someone within the comfort of your home social media is the solution.  Social media is the main proponent which has changed the world to a great extent. For example in 2011 the Arab uprising had initially started through Facebook posts which were shared and re shared and ultimately this had turned into a revolution.Social Media

It is indeed true that social media has moulded our lives. People these days do not send their relatives cards or letters but they are more comfortable in sending a text over whats app.  Today’s social media and Smartphone go hand in hand, the concept of face to face interaction has decreased to a great extent with social media apps such as Skype and Facebook video calls. Nevertheless social media is also an important catalyst to education. There used to be a time when children copied down notes in classrooms but now they are spoon feed with notes being distributed in whats app groups.  We now talk virtually through text messages and photographs. Now a photo or emoji can be the core of our communication. But we need to also see  that the potentiality of social media in the years to come is great.


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