Villages in Belthangady Have No Means Of Hygienic Sanitation

Villages in India today face a serious issue of unclean and unhygienic facility of sanitation. Unclean sanitation facility jeopardise the health of villagers thus resulting in various vector born diseases. Open defecation is also a major contributor in diseases that spread across villages in India. The Government, UNICEF and NGOs’s are constantly striving in order to improve the condition.


Different Faces Of Koramangala

Bangalore is one of the most  progressive city in India. In spite of that Koramangala continues to face problems of illegal car parking on either flanks of the road or garbage being piled up on the corner of the street. In Koramangala, parks are being renovated and are being made ready for the public use. Koramangala is said to be one of the most happening places in Bangalore which is need for some change in order to full fill public demand of having a cleaner and greener place.